Setting the Record Straight

Westchester County Property Taxpayer Protection Act

 Under the stewardship of the Town Board where both Ivy Pool and Jeremy Saland have served, New Castle has proudly kept its taxes almost flat - never breaking the 2% tax cap and maintaining our AAA rating. Unfortunately, Westchester County inherited a financial situation after one-shot budget fixes by then Republican County Executive Astorino came home to roost.

To address this and equalize uneven sales taxes (for example, Scarsdale and New Castle pay 7.375% while less economically sound and affluent Yonkers and Mt. Vernon residents unfairly pay 8.375%), County Executive Latimer, with overwhelming bi-partisan support of Democrats and Republicans, used the Westchester County Property Taxpayer Protection Act to: equalize all sales tax regardless of municipality at 8.375% (one penny per dollar), prohibit the County from independently selling parkland that is over 2 acres, stop the sale of County parking lots, move $5 million dollars to the County’s reserve fund, freeze property taxes for 2020 and 2021, and allocate 20 percent to local municipalities and 10 percent to the school districts from the 70M dollars collected.

While Councilwoman Ivy Pool, Councilman Jeremy Saland, and Millwood Fire Commissioner Jason Lichtenthal, as well as Supervisor Robert Greenstein, stand behind and with George Latimer and the north of $4 MILLION DOLLARS New Castle and three of our largest school districts will receive, our Republican opponents are illogically on the record in opposition and ignore the benefits this act provides the residents they hope to represent - thus actually acting against the best interest of their neighbors. Whatever “team” their rhetoric helps, it certainly is not New Castle nor our schools.

To read more about the law and comments from 60 Republican and Democrat elected officials with no other agenda other than being fiscally responsible, please review the images  and the link below: