Setting the Record Straight


Road Paving and Maintenance Program

 This week we are setting the record straight about the Town's road paving and maintenance program. The text in bold/italics are from our opponents recent "news"-letter, along with our responses. 

"Revisit techniques and materials. There are innovations in road and material science, including new materials that can be cheaper, can extend the life of a road, and can be more sustainable from an environmental perspective.  We should empower the DWP to consider this cutting edge and modify specs if needed so more paving materials and methods are at their disposal."

Rest assured that the Town's DPW is empowered to make recommendations with regard to road maintenance. Have you heard otherwise? Please let us know and we will investigate!  Furthermore, it is important to note that in 2010 the Town briefly shifted to a cheaper paving methodology ("oil and chip") which allowed for a jump in miles paved but also resulted in sub-standard, poor quality roads. Are you suggesting a return to that disastrous alternative methodology? We hope not!

"Transparency.  Many residents feel ignored and have asked us for more transparency with the road paving selection process and schedule.  We understand that the Town Board has not been involved in making specific paving decisions, but it should have an increased oversight role to make sure we adhere to the maintenance strategy in a balanced way across Town, use best in class engineering analysis, and communicate this to residents."

When residents reach out to the Town they are provided with a response, though they may not always like it. The Town Board allows the experts to determine which roads are paved, and the analysis includes more than just the current conditions of the pavement -- DPW also considers drainage, brush maintenance and other factors. No one likes to hear that the Town does not have the resources to pave their road -- and that's why we have recommended a Town-wide program to upgrade all existing roads. 

"Road Safety.  Smooth roads make navigating easier and safer.  But safety goes beyond the surface.  There are a number of other safety concerns some residents with whom we spoke feel the town is not addressing, including through-street-speeding, sidewalk plans, drainage, and signage/blind-spot mirrors.  Addressing these concerns could save a life and is worthy of our time and dedication."

All five members of the current Town Board are proactively responding to road safety concerns. Are you asserting that we have been negligent in addressing safety issues? Have you brought those concerns to the attention of the current Supervisor, the Board, or the Town Administrator? We are proud of our record, which includes amending the Town Code to restrict truck traffic and create "no thru traffic" zones on residential streets. When elected we have pledged to accelerate the Comprehensive Sidewalk Plan. You may be unaware of the Town's efforts to address safety concerns, but we can assure you that the health and safety of residents is foremost on our minds!

Last word...

We agree with our opponents that the roads in Town can and should be improved. Unlike the Republicans, however, we have a plan to upgrade our roads, that includes how this would be funded. Our plan is informed by our experience as elected officials and our understanding of the current Town budget. Leadership isn't about identifying problems, it is about actionable policy solutions.