New Castle Democrats 2019 Are Experienced Leaders

Learn about Ivy Pool's experience as a New Castle Town Councilwoman


Learn about Jeremy Saland's experience as a New Castle Town Councilman


Learn about Jason Lichtenthal's experience as a Millwood Fire Commissioner


Experienced Leaders: Ivy Pool for Town Supervisor


This is an important election year. In January 2020, for the first time in six years, we will have a new Town Supervisor. New Castle Democrats 2019 has a proven record of leadership and is ready to continue leading! Ivy, Jeremy, and Jason are serious, qualified leaders with real records and accomplishments in elected office.



Ivy Pool was elected to office in 2017, with the highest number of votes among the four candidates for Town Board, two of whom were incumbents. After her election, Ivy immediately set out to build a more collaborative, cohesive Town Board, by setting aside partisan politics in favor of consensus-driven governance. Her philosophy is that the Town Board works for the people, and she cares deeply about service to the community and all of its residents.


During her tenure on the Town Board, Ivy has established a well-earned reputation for hard work and responsiveness. Some of her key accomplishments include:

  • Appointed to the Executive Board of United Westchester, a 12 member cross-county coalition chaired by Assemblyman David Buchwald and County Executive George Latimer, charged with holding Con Edison accountable to the people of Westchester County.
  • Facilitated community meetings, and worked with Town staff and fellow Board members, to provide feedback to the Public Service Commission on Con Ed’s response to the winter storms of 2018, and held Con Ed accountable for delivering on their promises. 
  • Led the Town’s response to the Con Edison natural gas moratorium, spearheading advocacy with Con Edison and the Public Service Commission as well as education for Town residents, property owners, contractors, and developers.
  • Serve as the Town Board liaison to the Chappaqua Volunteer Ambulance Corps.
  • Championed sustainability initiatives, working closely with the Sustainability Advisory Board to establish and promote new initiatives, including the household compost program, the electric shuttle, and the leaf blower legislation.


  • A passionate advocate for New Castle’s parks and open space, Ivy helped broker agreements between the Town and Intergenerate that led to the grand opening of the Millwood Community Garden
  • Along with Councilman Jeremy Saland, secured a $250,000 grant from NYS Senator Pete Harckham for upgrades to Millwood Park (in process - look for an announcement coming soon!).
  • Established a partnership between the New York New Jersey Trails Conference and the Town of New Castle to improve trail maintenance and preservation in New Castle’s parks and nature preserves.
  • Along with the current Town Supervisor, Ivy serves as the Town Board liaison to the Downtown Chappaqua Infrastructure and Streetscape Project, and was a driving force behind the creation of a milestone-based contract amendment to accelerate the project closeout.
  • Worked with New Castle Community Media Center to launch “Fix It” – a database to track punchlist items for closeout of the downtown construction project.


  • With Councilman Jeremy Saland, Ivy introduced the Chappaqua Hamlet Investment Act, the only legislation proposed to help bolster downtown merchants and improve the viability of the hamlet. This includes: 1) Façade Improvement Grant Program, 2) Vacant Storefront Registry, 3) Local Preference Law, and 4) Expanded Discover Chappaqua. Learn more:
  • On behalf of West End residents, Ivy has advocated for transparency and proper management of the Sunshine Children’s Home expansion project. Ivy drafted and built consensus among the Town Board for letters to Westchester County Department of Health and Sunshine Children’s Home regarding the safety of onsite drinking water and the impact of the expansion on neighboring wells. On behalf of the community, she also pressed the Town to host a public meeting on the well monitoring program.


  • Along with fellow Town Board and Planning Board members, negotiated agreements with Summit Greenfield that led to the successful openings of Whole Foods and Lifetime Fitness at Chappaqua Crossing.
  • Leveraged relationships with County and Federal elected officials to broker meetings with the Town’s Airport Advisory Committee, which led to the County’s hiring a noise expert to address local concerns and requests from County and Federal elected officials for the FAA to meet with local officials and residents to discuss the same. Ivy continues to advocate and press this issue – Councilmembers Saland and Pool drafted a letter, signed last week by the entire Town Board, to more forcefully urge the County Executive to take immediate action, including consideration of litigation against the FAA.
  • Instituted the Town’s first travel policy to ensure appropriate use of taxpayer resources for Town staff travel reimbursement.
  • Served as the Town Board liaison to the development of the new Town Website:


  • Served as the Town Board liaison to the Chappaqua Children’s Book Festival, helping to provide Town support to the planning for the event.
  • Hosted Bell students, Girl Scouts, and Cub Scouts for informational tours at Town Hall – one of the best parts of the job!

2019 is an important election year. Having worked closely with Supervisor Greenstein, Ivy has a keen sense of the commitment it takes to be a successful Town Supervisor. She cares deeply about the work and wants to ensure the successes of the past are carried forward. She brings fresh ideas and perspective to the office as well.  Ivy is the most qualified candidate on the ballot, she loves this community, and she is ready to serve!

Experienced Leaders: Re-Elect Jeremy Saland for Town Board


Serving as one of your Town Councilman over the past four years has been both a source of pride and genuine honor. During my tenure working alongside my colleagues, we have united and come together to unquestionably make New Castle a better place today and  for the many tomorrows yet to come. Whether on the West End or East, or in the hamlets of Chappaqua or Millwood, I have been a catalyst for change, growth and stability by advocating with my fellow councilmembers and spearheading many efforts. 

Irrespective of our individual and collective achievements, success is often only possible because of those who support the Town Board and our community. Ultimately, as proud as I am for my individual efforts and those of the Town Board, it is our Town staff and volunteer committees that are routinely the glue that keeps everything together and running smoothly while making ideas, resolutions and projects a reality.


By no means a exclusive list, some of these accomplishments include:

Public Health Laws

  • Increased the age to 21 to buy tobacco products in New Castle.
  • Raised the issue of vape shops before the Town Board that led to a law limiting the location of vape shops or certain stores selling vape products. This law was later expanded to include marijuana pending its legalization by the State of New York.
  • Amended our laws to prohibit smoking in our public park


Environmental and Sustainability Laws

  • Initiated the Town’s efforts to pursue and ultimately secure our Clean Energy Community (“CEC”) designation and the associated $100,000 grant with no local cost share. New Castle was the first small community in New York to receive this designation and one of a limited number of communities to receive grant monies.
  • Supported and funded the creation of the Millwood Community Garden.
  • Passed the Reusable Bag Law – a model law to other communities.
  • Converting streetlights to LED lights with the added benefit of an estimated $25,000 in yearly savings.
  • Implemented a composting pilot program.
  • Expanded and educated the public about solar opportunities through Solarize Westchester.
  • Increased Clean Pass parking.
  • Changed community electric to Constellation New Energy through the Westchester Power Program for cheaper “green” electricity not reliant on fossil. Still delivered by Con Ed with no impact to residents.
  • Proposed an Overlay District for the West End and greater Teatown area.


Policy and the Future of New Castle

  • Completed and enacted the Comprehensive Plan after years of public engagement.
  • Developing a Form Based Code to provide conformity, standards and rezoning to move away from the hodgepodge of buildings and zoning by location and use to allow for flexibility, including mixed use. Implementing a code that protects the Comprehensive Plan’s vision of keeping the Chappaqua Hamlet bucolic and vibrant, not overcrowded nor urban.


  • Rebuilt Gedney Park Playground.
  • Spearheaded the expansion of the new, expanded, and inclusive Town Hall playground and worked “hands on” to make the basketball court a reality for 2020.
  • Directly involved in securing $100,000 SAM grant from Assemblyman David Buchwald to fund the Town Hall playground.
  • Directly involved in securing $250,000 SAM grant from State Senator Peter Harckham to renovate Millwood Park, and voted to match those dollars with the goal of fixing the field, resurfacing the tennis courts, purchasing new playground equipment, and installing lights.
  • Voted in support of acquiring the Wallace Auditorium, aka, ChappPAC, from Summit Greenfield and provide funding as requested to date.



  • Drafted letter to neighboring communities to unite address HPN’s impact on our respective municipalities. Town Board also sent a letter to then County Executive Rob Astorino opposing HPN’s expansion and privatization.
  • Appointed a representative to the Westchester County Airport Advisory Board to fill a previously vacant New Castle seat. Subsequently established the New Castle Airport Advisory Committee (NCAAC).
  • Town Board sent a letter to Latimer requesting to change to the airport master plan RFP to request “an analysis of the root causes of the increase in noise pollution.” This recommendation was the genesis for the County’s HMMH contract.
  • Met with County Executive George Latimer and his staff, along with County Legislator Mike Kaplowitz, Supervisor Rob Greenstein, and members of the NCAAC to advocate for New Castle.
  • Retained law firm to serve as consultants solely for New Castle to help ascertain the right “asks” of the County and help identify potential paths forward.
  • Co-drafted a letter with Councilwoman Ivy Pool demanding that the County release the HMMH study, fast-track the proposed meeting with the FAA and other electeds, prepare for legal action against the FAA, and other matters while advising the County that New Castle is preparing to take its own steps moving forward.
  • Unified with the Town Board in our approach to  partner and work with Westchester County for a solution before or in addition to committing New Castle dollars to further pursue options.



  • Restarted the dormant auctioning of Town’s old and unused equipment and vehicles generating approximately $150,000.
  • Directly involved in securing $100,000’s in grants for the Town.
  • Kept tax increases below 2% tax cap and maintained AAA rating.

Sidewalks and Paving

  • Supported and voted for Millwood Sidewalk and Safety Improvement - $1,170,000 project costs and $500,000 NYDOT grant.
  • Adding pedestrian crossing beacons to North County Trailway and near Lange’s Little Store.
  • Repaired Route 120 sidewalks by Grafflin Elementary School.
  • Examining the feasibility of the “Chap Line” to potentially be created in in a manner that avoids residential property.
  • Supported and significantly increased our paving budget;  open to explore additional means to secure more monies to further expand our efforts. 


Other Relevant Votes and Acts

  • Successfully opposed an attempt to improperly create the Spring Valley Water District that stood to solely benefit the Sunshine Children’s Home and provide a “leg up” to its development and expansion. Neighboring residents did not seek nor voice support of a water district they would have to spend money to join.
  • Opposed Rosehill development that sought to convert the nearly 100-acre former Legionnaire property into an approximately 130 bedroom development due to fears about well contamination on neighboring and adjacent properties and the development’s inconsistency with the Comprehensive Plan.
  • Held Con Edison’s “feet to the fire” for their storm recovery failings. Led the Town Board to consider “Double Pole” legislation holding Con Edison and other providers jointly and severally liable for double and triple poles by fining them up to $500 a day with each day being a new violation. Removal of excess and damaged polls improves safety by clearing lines of sight, aiding in storm recovery and responsiveness and protecting bucolic nature of community.
  • Supported the Chappaqua Hamlet Infrastructure and Streetscape project but voted “no” after my request, along with Councilwoman Makowska, to adjourn vote one to two weeks to examine contingency, review the financials and allow for public input was denied. RFPs for the project initially came in between $14 to $19 million, or 40% to 90%, over the estimate. Objected to public notice in the agenda that only noted “Award of Bid” and no further public notice to the Town Board’s proposed vote on the largest infrastructure project in New Castle history that occurred the same night as a contested CCSD School Board debate.
  • Publicly challenged then State Senator Terrence Murphy’s unequivocally wrong opposition to the SAFE Act, red flag legislation and other reasonable firearm laws that floundered in the NYS Senate. These bills subsequently passed with the election of State Senator Peter Harckham.
  • Supported resolution giving priority to Westchester County and other public sector employees to workforce housing in Chappaqua Crossing’s Cupola Building necessary to allow CCSD and Town employees to share priority for housing.
  • Proposed local Revenge Porn legislation as a catalyst for action after the same languished in the NYS legislature. NYS passed legislation this year.
  • Convinced Summit Greenfield to agree to mitigate line of sight and vegetation overgrowth issues at the intersection of 117 and Whippoorwill Road to address safety concerns despite being under no obligation to do so.


It is an exciting time to live, work and play in New Castle. During my term, the Town Board has demonstrated through our actions that we are committed to making our community welcoming, vibrant and a place for all residents. With the upgrades to Millwood Park and our new Town Hall playground and basketball court, expanding and fixing sidewalks, increasing paving and ensuring we maintain the principles the Town galvanized behind with the adoption of our Comprehensive Plan, there is much we have put into motion. Whether it is leading with our environmental policies or implementing laws to protect our youth, I am proud to have a hand in making New Castle what it is today and what it will be tomorrow.

Experienced Leaders: Jason Lichtenthal for Town Board


New Castle Democrats 2019 has a proven record of leadership and is ready to continue leading! Ivy, Jeremy, and Jason are serious, qualified leaders with real records and accomplishments in elected office.

Jason was appointed to the Millwood Board of Fire Commissioners in February 2016.  He replaced Hala Makowska who had two years left on her term on the Board after she was elected to the New Castle Town Board in November 2015.

  • Appointed to Millwood Board of Fire Commissioners in February 2016
  • Elected in December 2016 for the final year of Hala’s term
  • Elected again in December 2017 for a 5-year term
  • Jason quickly brought himself up-to-speed on the challenges facing the Millwood Fire District
  • He developed a solid relationship with the other Fire Commissioners and Chiefs to be able to hit the ground running
  • The duties of a Fire Commissioner include setting a budget and adjusting taxes to meet needs, maintenance and purchase of buildings, maintenance and purchase of fire apparatus and equipment, personnel matters, and setting administrative policies
  • Jason is responsible for building and firematics technology and servers, and ensures we have well maintained computers and servers and the software our Fire Company needs to best protect our town


The biggest challenge when Jason joined the Millwood Board of Fire Commissioners was to finish the new Millwood Fire Station #1 building at 100 Millwood Road. There were five major contractors, one of which was in jeopardy of not completing their portion of the project, and a second contractor whose work was considered not acceptable to the Board. Due to Jason’s work, we now have a wonderful, welcoming fire station for our volunteers that will keep the Millwood Fire District well protected for years to come.

  • Jason worked with the Fire District’s lawyers, the contractors and their legal representatives, and arbitrators to negotiate an equitable and successful agreement between the District and the the contractors to complete the project within budget and in a reasonable timeframe
  • He made sure that there were sufficient funds in the fire station budget available to complete all outstanding items (both core work and punch list items)
  • He ensured the Fire District did not need to pay one penny more for work not done nor work not completed to the satisfaction of the Fire District
  • Jason’s ability to understand the remaining work, the needs of the Fire District, the budget, and the levers that could be used with the contractors allowed him to negotiate a great outcome for the Fire District


Jason worked with the League of Women Voters of New Castle to expand voting rights in the Millwood Fire District by implementing absentee ballots.

  • Since 2017, voters in the district who are out of town (and for select other reasons) on Fire District Election Day have been able to vote by absentee ballot
  • Jason researched the New York State Fire District laws and worked with other fire districts to ensure Millwood’s forms and processes conforms to state statutes


Watching the budget and spending of the Fire District is a key role for the Fire Commissioners.

  • Jason’s fiscal responsibility has enabled the Fire District to save for the future, ensuring fund balances for the Capital Reserve Fund and Equipment Reserve Fund are adequate to prepare for the future needs of the District
  • The District has a long-term truck and vehicle maintenance and replacement plan, which will make sure our volunteer Chiefs and firefighters have the equipment they need, when they need it, to best protect our neighborhood


In Jason’s professional life, he has decades of experience in various senior leadership roles.

  • As SVP and CIO of a $1.3B organization, he was responsible for budget and execution regarding all software development, product implementations, and corporate governance activities
  • Managed a $20M+ budget and built relationships with vendors
  • Negotiated dozens of large-scale contracts, statements of work, and large scale technical implementations each year
  • Built and managed a multi-disciplined team, which included over 100 full-time employees and contractors

Jason has played a number of other roles in our community, both formally and informally. Throughout his adult life, Jason has always put the needs and concerns of others above his own, which shows in his various community service activities. He will continue to put the issues and needs of our community first and foremost, above any special interests or political parties. He cares tremendously about our community, and his qualifications will make him an exceptional member of our Town Board.