Jason Lichtenthal for New Castle Town Council


Passionate. Pragmatic. Innovative.

I have been a resident of Millwood since December 2004.  I am married with a son at Horace Greeley High School and a daughter at Seven Bridges Middle School.  I’m a “swim and theater” dad, constantly carpooling kids to and from swim practices, swim meets, and theater practices. I have also helped coach my son's little league team.

Since February 2016, I have been a Commissioner in the Millwood Fire District. I love serving my community, and I feel as though I’ve been able to play a small part in the continuing safety for all the constituents in the fire district.  I am confident that the other commissioners on the board would attest to my leadership skills and my dedication to the district.

I was on the Board of Directors of the Willowbrook Swim and Tennis Club from 2014-2015 and I am on the Chappaqua Central School District Finance Advisory Committee since 2018.

I attended MIT as an undergraduate student in chemistry (1990-1994), Brooklyn College as an undergraduate student in computer science (1994-1996), and Binghamton University as a graduate student in computer science (1996-1998). While at Brooklyn College, I became a certified EMT-D and was an active member in the Brooklyn College Ambulance Corp.

I have worked at three companies, all for extended periods of time.  For details regarding my work history, please see my LinkedIn profile. Anyone that has worked with me will vouch for my dedication, hard work, honesty, diplomacy, and ethical behavior in everything I do.  My tenure at each company, in an age where job-hopping is the norm, shows my dedication to those organizations as well.

As Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at PURE Insurance (2009-present, located in White Plains), and prior to that as Vice President of Technology at National Financial Partners (2001-2009, located in New York City), I have worked with and built hundreds of relationships with vendors. This includes pricing and contract negotiations, development of statements of work, and project management of large-scale technical implementations. I manage a team of over 100 employees and consultants. I am responsible for the budget and execution for technology initiatives, software implementations, data strategy, and corporate governance. I manage my budgets tightly, I am both frugal and pragmatic when it comes to expenditure decisions, and I believe strongly in both fiscal and policy transparency.  I also believe in investing wisely – which sometimes comes with delayed benefits.  These are important skills and experiences I will bring to the table as a member of the New Castle town board.

As a board member of Up2Us (formerly Chappaqua Friends of Hillary since 2015), I have volunteered countless hours to the political campaigns of state, county, and local officials, working to get progressive Democrats into office.

I’m comfortable making tough choices.  One of the toughest things to do as a leader is to recognize when things are progressing well, and when things are not – and to change course when necessary.  I believe this is a key skill needed in our leaders – to not allow ego to cloud your judgment, and to use the information at your disposal to make wise decisions.

If you have any questions, issues, or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at info@newcastledemocrats2019.com.

Thank you in advance for your support!