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Volunteer for Petition Signing

In order to get on the ballot in November, Ivy, Jeremy, and Jason need your help!  

To be on the ballot in New York, each candidate must meet a variety of state-specific filing requirements. These regulations, known as ballot access laws, determine whether a candidate will appear on an election ballot for a particular political party.

We need the signatures of at least 5% of the registered voters of a particular party in the Town of New Castle in order to appear on the ballot.  This is where we need your assistance.  We are working to receive the Democratic Party, Working Families Party, and Independence Party nominations.

If you are a member of one of these parties and would like to sign our petition, please reach out to info@newcastledemocrats2019.com and we will come to you.  You can look at our Events page for our petition signing party and other events!

If you are a member of the Democratic Party and would like to help us by carrying our Democratic Party petitions (by obtaining the signatures of your fellow New Castle residents), please reach out to info@newcastledemocrats2019.com and we will tell you how to participate.  Thank you for your assistance in advance!

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